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We are looking for another location to be able to continue to wash diapers.

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Door to door cloth diaper service

Change diapers change our world!

Cloth diapering works great, is easy and fun!VIEW MORE

Cloth diapers are great fit for your lifestyle

We make it affordable and Simple

Our most popular service is our prefold service. This service provides you with up to 100 prefold 100% cotton diapers. It also includes new born covers should you need them. Each week simply set out the used diapers and we will exchange them with fresh, sanitized diapers! Spend no time washing diapers. When it's time to size up, just let us know and we will bring the next size diapers and covers.


Never wash and never run out of diapers !



Experts explain everything and answer your questions


Babies prefer cloth
babies prefer cloth
Modern systems available
modern systems available!
New born covers included in standard prefold service
Newborn covers included!