Hello everyone! Julianna Elligsen and I are buying a laundromat in North Portland and possibly offer cloth diaper service in Seattle as well. I know many of you have heard us talk about this. Maybe some of you haven’t. Our idea is to purchase a laundromat in order to allow us to serve hundreds of cloth diaper service customers instead of the dozens we have had. We are out to prove that adding a cloth diaper service could work for any laundromat in the world. Once we show a significant boost in profits, other laundromats will add this service as well. We may or may not be involved in helping them do so. Cloth diapers are healthier and work better than today's disposable diapers. They are also the clear winner in terms of carbon footprint for the following reason.

Todays disposable diapers are the most dangerous ocean pollutant. The plastic they are made of becomes Microplastic. Phytoplankton eat this plastic. They cannot digest it and die. We have already lost 50% of our planet’s phytoplankton. If we lose all of it we will lose 50%-75% of the oxygen in our atmosphere. Also, phytoplankton does sequester carbon so 50% loss of phytoplankton represents a large loss of biomass and carbon sequestration. Global warming seems to accelerating faster than expected and the loss of phytoplankton may explain the difference.

So we need to do two things immediately! Reduce or eliminate Microplastic pollution and buy ourselves time.

To buy ourselves time, seeding oceans with iron shavings seems to have worked to significantly boost the productivity of the areas seeded. Productivity increase means the amount of ocean life and health. Phytoplankton are the bottom of the ocean food chain. Increasing the phytoplankton increases most of ocean life and reduces toxic algae blooms. Several studies have been done on this seeding. Some results have been unequivocal or even slight negative. However the presence and amount of Microplastics present has not yet been taken into account for those tests not clearly showing improvements in productivity (due some pressing techinical issues).

The disposable diaper industry is almost 8 billion dollars in the US and 52 billion in the world. We are standing for giving families sustainable diapering options.

We would love your assistance with this project and there are a number of ways to assist. Connect us anytime. Ask any question.

Let's save the planet (or at least humanity ) !

We are also looking for investors of up to $250,000 for as short as 6 months or longer. Connect with us for details.